BEAST Cells are the special cells created by the BEASTs which is allows to create a BEAST breed or by using the Beast Morpbelt Systems in order to accomplish the tasks to become the King of BEASTs. It was revealed that the BEAST Cells' origin are originated from Contact Beasts.

Appetite behaviorEdit

Similar to the Appetite Demons from Toriko World, the BEASTs considers the food by tasting it, but they tries to seperates their hosts to eat it.

Control behaviorsEdit

Calm stateEdit

Anger sightEdit


If the Users has large amounts of energy, the Users will recklessly consumes anyone in this case; Samuel Nakaoka the Second who rips Kumon's left arm and consumes his right arm (only in manga and replaced by Samuel Nakaoka's Tail attack)


If any Users couldn't gains every experiences or eating the rare foods nor enemy energy, the BEASTs gone berserk if they were angry at them.

Body TransfusionEdit

When the Users gains their experiences greater either battling or eating the rare food, their body begins to transmutate according to Shindo. The Users' transfusion will consumes them if the humans were ever tastes so far. The Users manages to control one of the BEAST's body parts if they successfully trained.

BEAST PartsEdit

BEAST Left ArmEdit

The first part of the transfusion could engages into BEAST arm.

List of the BEAST hostsEdit

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second's BEAST: Zarths
  • Kitsukasa Nakaoka Joo's BEAST: Aoimu
  • Kuroko Tetsuya's BEAST
  • Aichi Sendou's BEAST: Breezia