A double dopant is a Dopant who uses to memorie

Double ApocalypseEdit

Memories: Metal, Trigger,

Identity: Daisuke

Origin: Daisuke is Nega Shotaro from countdowns world. He is married to the heart dopant and wears a necklace with a picture of her on it. He will kill anyone who touches it.

Abilities: can Blast small metal objets from hand and create long metal object that creates a shadow of metal balls behind it when Swinged.

Double FangEdit

Memories: Fang, Raptor

Identity: Fang Memorie

Origin Apocalypse dopant was about to fuse himself with the Raptor memorie, But Fang knocked the memorie out of his hand and fused with it.

Abilities: can shred thru anything and has the ability to call any near by animals.