Hyper Shocker is the High-Tech verson of Dai Shocker it has the same symbol of Shocker only it's Blue


Grand LeadersEdit

Apollo Geist II A Blue Version of Apollo Geist with armor

Colonel Zol Zol weres a blue uniform and a hat with 6 Golden Stars on it

Ghost Imagin This imagin Is a High class soldier

ChinoManako He is the best soldier in Dai shocker and can become Chinomanako Diend with the Dark Diendriver

Naval Commander Bosgan Bosgan has a blue mask and carries a sword with a blue tip

Negataros Negataros has the ability of mind control if he Jabs a Non-Hyper Shocker member and become Nega Den-O with the Nega Liner Pass and the Nega Den-O Belt

Mr. J Mr. J is a conquer if people don't make "PEACE" (and/or surrender)

ShadowMoon ShadowMoon now creates the Soldiers for Hyper Shocker.

Utopia Dopant Leader of all Dopants.

Giru Leader of the Greed

N Daguba Zeba Leader of the Grongi A Black Version of the Ultimate Version

Wolf Orphenoch Another Version of the Wolf Orphenoch

Joker Trio The Trio of the 3 Jokers but Another Version