Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Kage Yo is a car repair man who makes good salary, but one day when he dropped of a car at a school. He saw something in the forest it was Kamen rider Decade fighting summer Makamou. He watch carefully but decade was beaten he yelled "Hey! Hey! Are you alright?! HEY!" then he passed out by the fume the makamou gave of. Kage soon awakened at a cave chained to the wall. He saw decade being in some ritual in front of a Golden man. Then a Dark belt buckle appeared the gold man put it on and said "Form". He was shocked almost to death, but then the chains that held Kage broke and the buckle blasted towards him it soon attached. He was chased by the golden man with tremendous power. but then he had realized the card he used was old and tearred. Decade soon tossed a card to him the said "Kamen rider Dark Decade" he soon shouted "Heeenshhhin". Then he transformed into Dark Deacde and soon he used "Dark Dimension Kick" to annialate the golen man. He is now known as "Kamen rider Dark Decade".

Kage soon met Naraku Kamen rider Diend Chinomanako. After Naruku had fed a couple to the Turtle Orphenoch. Naraku soon informed him that other riders are appearing riders with odd personalites. Then to prove his words a kamen rider appeared, Kamen rider Dark Kiva. Kage and Naraku transformed and fought him, however Kage was blasted out of the battle by Dark Kiva's "Darkness Hell Crash". While Naraku used his "Dark Dimension Shoot". Kage soon woke up infornt of a man named Rokku Daiuke and they quickly became freinds.

Kage teaches Rokku how to get a date with a girl. Later Kage soon discovers that other makamou are appearing after defeating a dozen Summer ones. Then during Rokku's date a tiger Makamou appears and tries to eat his date, Surprisingly he Transforms into Kamen rider IXA, and was finished by Kamen rider Dark Decades "Dark Dimension Punch" and Kamen rider Ixa "Broken Fang". Also Kage gains new cards

Kage Yo tutors Rokku on how to battle with his fussels, which ends up good. Later Kage re-encourters with Kamen rider Dark Kiva and has his spare Kamen rider Dark Decade card taken. Kage soon learns the move "DCA Dimension Kick".


  • Kamen Ride: Dark Decade
    • Atack Ride: Dark Slash
    • Atack Ride: Dark Blast
      • Final Atack Ride: Dark Decade
  • Kamen Ride: IXA
    • Form Ride: IXA burst
      • Atack Ride: IXA Caliber
      • Atack Ride: Gararu Fake
      • Atack Ride: Bashaa Fake
      • Atack Ride: Dogga Fake
        • Final Atack Ride: IXA
  • Kamen Ride: Kaixa
    • Atack Ride: SB-913V Side Basshar
      • Final Atack Ride: Kaixa
  • Kamen Ride: Eiki
    • Atack Ride: Onibi
      • Final Atack Ride: Eiki
  • Kamen Ride: Sasword (Masked)
    • Form Ride: Cast Off
      • Final Atack Ride: Sasword
  • ...