Name: Daisuke's village military

Rider Gear: Sheild

Belt spirits: Turtle/Bear each system has a random sirit and theres only 1 each

Ora Guardian: (none)

Belt Attributes: Green Multiply, Red Sword, Blue Psychic

Moves: Birage Strike: Dynamite Blast, Fusion Kick (can only be used with 3 or more 19 riders)


All of Daisuke's village military soldiers become Kamen Rider 19 this is the weakest rider, But Des Omega dosn't have the technology to make any. The Kamen Rider 19 unit has 7 Squads

  1. Black
  2. Strom
  3. Terror
  4. Striker
  5. Kick
  6. Torch
  7. Blue
  8. The number is the Squad Ranking