Name: Getoroe, Des

Rider Gear: Rider Mask

Belt Spirits: Shark, Cheetor, and T-REX

Ora guardian: Saw Nile Crocadile

Belt Attributes: Defense Blue, Red Thunder, Green Fire

Moves: Thunder Scan, Tank Bash, Torchung Punch, Rider Pain


Getoroe lives in hate. because he was in an accident and everyone stopped being around him. Then everyone left him he was all alone but next to his Bed was a Mask. Not just any mask But the "Rider Mask" he thought it was a sign of uglyness. So he Walk up to Des Omega and said to him "If you need help to destroy the world i'm 1st in line to make it happen". Des Omega was pleased so He said yes happily. Then so he taught him everything he needs to know about what he's doing.