Kamen rider Indigo, is About a 17 year old boy named Adem came Home from getting his Motorcycle license. He noticed that his family left a note saying "Adem were going to visit your uncle, we thought you wouldn'y mind because it may take you a while to get your license. Be back in 1 week Sincrealy Mom and Dad". He Was deppresed then he saw A Giant Man with an Eye for a head and Cricket legs so Adem Screamed. Then the monster threw him out the window, But for some reason he was not woulded he was omly injured be the toss from the monster. Then A Red figure came out and start Hiting him with a Sword. Before adem knew it he Saw the monster get sucked into figures "Belt Buckle". Them walked over to Adem, then right before the figure said anything. He bursted to Flames then he was in hs normal wereing a Red tux. He told Adem that his name was Daisuke and about that the monster he saw called a Darkmen. That he created it with his Negative emotions and that because of the tube that came out of his buckle was a bunch of Swirly colors. So he had no choice but to join the organization called, "All Internationle". That 1 person from 1 of the Countrys With Darkmen in it had to become a Kamen Rider to Save the World. Adem acceppted the ofer and became Kamen Rider Indigo

List of Riders and their ElementsEdit