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Kamen Rider Stag coloured

Kamen Rider Stag

Kamen Rider Stag / Eva / VR or Techno is an earth technology rider.


Kyosan is the main protagonist of the Kamen Rider fanfiction "Kamen Rider Stag". Kyosan is a lone traveler and his misson is to destory the "Virus" monsters because he was chosen to protect everything around him and people he cared about. He had a sister named Maya who wants to become a singer and actress and he supports her dream. There parents died in an accident because of the "Virus" Monsters attacking the city and he and his sister are the only survivors left. Kyosan will keep contact with Maya wherever he goes and rides on his motorcycle. Whenever there's trobule he will always be there to protect her.


As Kamen Rider Stag he has the ability to run at high speed in his AXEL form or normal form. Kyosan uses a Stag Zecter (Form of a Stag Beetle). He uses weapons and vehicles.


Kamen Rider Stag is a fusion of kamen rider Kuuga, Den-O, Faiz/555, and Kabuto because of my costume design. He is earth technology rider because his rider system was created in a Laboratory before the "Virus"Monsters attacking the city and Kyosan is being chosen to use the rider gear.