&nbsp Kamen rider AtacKiva


Sai (Fangire allie like kiva has Garulu, Bashaa, and Dogga)

TaKivat (a Kivat that lets Atackiva transform)

TaKivat Light (TaKiva While Kamen rider AtacKiva is in his Royal form


MoonLight, Kamen Rider AtacKiva's motorcycle It's similar to IXAlion but its colors are Gold and Gray and it has the letter A on the front and side.

Sai Chop Fussle, Kamen rider AtacKiva turn red with shoulder horns and gets an Ax witch is supposed to be some sort of rhino.

Wake Up Fussle, Kamen rider AtacKiva's finishing move that lets him jump super hi in the air disapears in a cloud and strikes down 600 miles an hour with a Thunder Kick which nothing can survive or be left standing.

MoonLight Fussle, lets AtacKiva's control MoonLight with his mind.

Xanvat Sword, Xanvat Sword is a copy of the "Zanvat Sword" only with a power boost.This lets AtacKiva transform into Royal AtacKiva.

Xanvat Sheild, A sheild with AtacKiva's rider symbol on it.