Gaia dark Decade-3

kamen rider 2012


Gounomono Ryuu is a Criminal that ia in the record book for most wanted in countries. when he came to Japan he fell of a cliff and thought he was going to die. but then he woke up with a jacket on him that said "Heaven 99" on it. That convinced him to do goo and save lives. Since her was still not an adult yet he went to a foster home as Daisuke Kokuu. The one Jagaouji lived in. He quickly became freinds with him, But when he was hit by an Ose Prime a belt appeared on him. He slide his "Skorpi-N". Then a card that said "3-M" apeared then he transformed into Kamen rider Deludo. He then used "Fyn-L Slas" and Now he fights as "Kamen rider Deludo"


Macto Collection
Rarity Card Name Ose Name Element Stats Ability
Very Common Skorp-EN Scorpion Ose Wind Powr: 4 HP: 4 Transform.
Common Dri-L Gazelle Ose Earth Powr: 6 HP: 4 Drilling.
Rare Miss-L Hawk Ose Fire Powr: 6 HP: 5 Shooting.
Super Rare Waht-R Shark Ose Water Powr: 7 HP: 6 Special.
Ultra Rare Mil-EN Dragon Ose Glass Powr: 9 HP: 9 Burning.
Magus collection
Rarity Card Name Ose Name Element Ability
Very Common 3-M Vulture Ose Change Transform.
Common V-nem Spider Ose Special Increase damage in attacks.
Rare Dub-L Cobra Ose Ability Double Powr.
Super Rare Fyn-L Slas Tiger Ose Move Increase Powr in sword.
Ultra Rare Soop-R 3-M Yeti Ose Change Transform into Victory form.