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Fictional biographyEdit

Jagaouji Kenji was a strret thug but he was a good one he protected people from getting hurt by bad thugs. He lived with a gang group called knight. but a police mansuggested he live in a foster home because he is 16. So he lives with Mr. Shouichi and the other foster children named Yume and Daisuke. Jagaouji also played a game called "Issen". He was not good he always ended up in a draw. With his card "Ly-N" the Human Beetle card. Little did he know it was more than just a game. After 2000 years monsters called "Ose" awaken an turn Issen players into monsters. Jagaouji met the Insect Ose Okka who tried to kill him by sending out the Tiger Ose Prime (people who became Ose). When he was hit something happen a belt appeared on him so he inserted his Ly-N card into it then a card called 4M conjured in his hand. He slide the card and transformed into a warior and battled the Tiger Ose. He then slid his card called Fyn-L Kik on his belt and he did a tremendous kick and destroyed the Ose. He now fights to protect people for a real cause as Kamen rider Duco.


Macto Collection
Rarity Card Name Ose Name Element Stats Ability
Very Common Ly-N Lion Ose Earth Powr: 4 HP: 4 Transorm.
Common Blo-K aid Whale Ose Water Powr: 5 HP: 5 Sheild.
Rare Ax-LR atio Salamander Ose Air Powr: 6 HP: 5 Speed.
Super Rare Fy-R Lion Ose Fire Powr: 7 HP: 6 Special.
Ultra Rare Z-Roh Yeti Ose Glass Powr: 9 HP: 9 Coldness.

Magus Colection
Rarity Card Name Ose Name Element Ability
Very Common 4-M Frog Ose Change Transforming
Common Trip-L Bull Ose Special Multiplying by 3
Rare B-Ting Ape Ose Power Increases Powr. highly.
Super Rare Fyn-L Kik Grass Hopper Ose Move Increase Powr in leg
Ultra Rare L-tra 4-M Dragon Ose Change Transform to Victory form