Final rider zeta

Kamen rider Zeta's Final Form Rider

pisode 1 XyZet

Part 1Edit

Dyna: Well my first journey I am in Zeta's world.

???: Scream

(Dyna rushes to the scream and finds that it was by an Orphenoch

Orphenoch 1: Hmm your not Zeta

Dyna: No not really, but if you see him tell him i say hi

Dyna: Henshin

Driver: Kamen Rider... Dyna

Dyna: Truely a Golden Generation

Orphenoch 1: ya right, Gaidoku

Gaidoku: got it

Phone: 114, Standing by

Gaidoku: Henshin

Phone: Complete

Dyna: Upsilon

Jiend : Correct

Dyna: Tankyuu

Jiend: Yo

Driver: Atack Rider... Confusion

Dyna 1: Try..

Dyna 2: And..

Dyna 3: Defeat..

Dyna 4: Me...

Dyna 5: Now!

Jiend: Fine

Driver: Kamen rider... Rey

Driver: Kamen rider... Kaixa

Jiend: By

Driver: Attack Rider... Invisible

Orphenoch 1: You...

Rey: Will...

Kaixa: Absoulutly...

Upsilon: LOSE !!!!

Dyna: Not good

(Rey and Kaixa use Wake Up and Exceed charge)

Driver: Final Atack Rider... Dyna

(Dyna jumps in the Air and is circled by Dyna's Symbol and strikes down with a kick)

Dyna: Easy.

(Dynas notices that the orphenoch and Upsilon are bot gone

Dyna: Huu Arrrrgh come on Really

Part 2Edit

(Dyna walks in twon when he walksinto a guy)

Guy: Hey whatch it

Dyna: I'm in a grumpy mood. So don't Sas me

Guy: #$%#

Dyna: What you call me!

Guy: I called you A

(Guy was interupted when Jiend came and destroyed a Market)

Dyna: Drama

Jiend: shut up i'm here to Trap Zeta there

Dyna: Your kamen rider Zeta

Zeta: yep

Driver Kamen Rider... Upsilon

Upsilon: I've Open trhe Door to your Defeat

Zeta: #^$%&%@

Phone: 7... 1... 6... Standing by

Zeta: Henshin!

Phone: Complete

Zeta: 3 2 1 Countdown to your Defeat

Dyna: Henshin

Driver: Kamen Rider... Dyna

Dyna: Truely a Golden Generation

Upsilon: Zeta you are weak

Driver: Atack Rider: Slash

Driver: Final Atack Rider... Jiend

( Jiend Runns with several cards revolving around his JienDriver and Slash'es Zeta)

Zeta: Ahhhg

(the explosin forced Zeta into his human form)

Dyna: Zeta

Zeta: hmmph

(Zeta Transfoprms into his orphoch form)

Zeta: Still ca't win

Dyna: Cyclops

Zeta: Right

Upsilon: You are Weak you could'nt protect your own Family and not only did I Turn them into Orphenochs I made you Destroy them

(Zeta Charges in frustation)

Phone: Single Mode

(Upsilon Blasts Zeta In the Eye)

Zeta: Ahhhhg

Dyna: Zeta how many Fingers am I holding

Zeta: F... f... f... Four

Upsilon: What ya know he can't see

Part 3Edit

(Dyna shows that he was holding 4 fingers not 2)

Upsilon: What

Dyna: Even know you killed Zeta's Family then Made him kill them but you forget He did other things even know he protects orphenochs and Humans

Upsilon: what

Dyna: remember you tried to destroy that Orphenoch the one who swore her life to you

Upsilon: who are you !?

Dyna: Another Passing by Kamen rider, don't forget that

Phone: 716, Standing by

Zeta: Henshin

Phone: Complete

(3 cards come out of Dyna's Card holder)

Dyna: first on

Driver: Final Form rider... Zeta

Dyna: this won't hurt

Zeta: huu

Dyna: Turn

(dyna Punches zeta and he turn Into a giant phone)

Upsilon and Zeta: What the !!

Dyna: Z-Phone

Z phone: 103 single mode

(Dyna blasts Upsilon several times but only hit him 3 times)

Zeta: this is Getting us no were

Dyna: I Agree

Driver: Final Attack Rider.. Zeta

Z-Phone: Exceed charge

(dyna Blasts upsilon With The Z-phone and then finishes of with slash from the Z-Phones entena)


(a Z appears upsilon then he turns into Ash)

Zeta: Ack Brain Freaze

Dyna: W w How did, Never Mind