When the gods got bored, they created a game. the rules were simple: each god created one rider and gave the rider it's energy. the riders would fight over and over. each rider bore a gem of power: the gem resembling his god. for a rider to be destroyed, the gem must brake. once a rider is destroyed, the gem, as it brakes, will let out a ball of energy and if a rider catches it, it get's more energy as well as that riders element.

God Element Planet Gem Category
Appolo Land Sun Tigers-eye Music
Ares Fire Mars Agate War
Gea Plants Earth Opal Life
Hermes Wind Mercury Jade Speed
Aphrodite Animals Venus Ruby Beuty
Hades Darkness Pluto Onyx Death
Zeus Lightning Jupiter Diamond Power
Poseidon Water Neptune Aqua Quartz Mind
Diana Sky Moon Moonstone Calmness
Cronus Titans Saturn Metal Time

so, it's time for a new rider to rise, filled with awesome power- kamen rider... APPOLO!