Episode 2 Jack of Riders

Part 1Edit

Dyna: My journey, I must complete it

Jiend: What is your journey anyway

Dyna: Tankyuu

Jiend: To you'll never find out

Driver: Kamen rider...

Dyna: Tankyuu!!!

Driver: Kamen rider

Jiend and Dyna: Henshin

Driver: Jiend

Driver: Dyna

Dyna: time to try my new power

Driver: Kamen Rider... Zeta

Jiend: Please

Driver: Kamen rider... Abyss

(while abyss was still forming dyna activated his attack rider)

Dyna: oh no you don't

Driver: Atack rider... Virus

Jiend: What the

(the card in jiendriver poped out and the picture disapered)

Jiend: What, #^#%$@$

Driver: Atack rider... Invisible

Dyna: were did he go know

Part 2Edit

Dyna: I wonder were he went

(Suddenly Dyna hered noises it turns out an unead is attacking people)

Person 1: Help, Please

Person 2: Sob Soooooooooooooooob

Dyna: Don't worrry I'll

(Interupted a per son in the air and goes thru a card)

JacKnight: UNDEAD!!!!!!!

(JacKnight fought the Undead and captured it in a card)

Jacknight: Are you o.k.

Person 1: yes thank You

JacKnight: Welcome

Dyna: So are you Kamen rider JacKnight

JacKnight: Yes I am

Dyna: I am Kamen rider Dyna, Truely a Golden generation.

JacKnight: Show Off

dyna: Hey

JacKnight: Lets see who's stronger

Dyna: Kay, HENSHIN

Driver: Kamen rider... Dyna

Jacknight: Hmph

Driver: Atack Rider... Slash

(Dyna And JacKnight charge at each other with al might)

Jack blade: Eruption... Acid... Slash...

JacKnight: Chemical Meltdown

(JacKnights attack was interupted by an explosion)

????: Yo

Dyna who are you?

Krystalfear: kamen rider Crystal fear... you might want to go now, some purple guy is coming

Jiend: correction came.. and by by

(jiend blasts krystalfear and jacKnight rushes to the rescue)\

JacKnight: KF are yo ok

KF: ya i think

jacknight: you rest alright

JacKnight: @&#@&#@&

Jiend: oh boo hoo, now i'll trap him

(jiend's card has no effect on Krystal fear)

Jiend: what $*#$ #*

Dyna: isn't it obvios he is a good guy so deal with it

Driver: Kamen rider...

Jiend: nah

Driver: Glaive Larc Lance

jacknight: crud

Dyna dosn't matter he's your freind so help him

(jacknight pauses)

jacknight: ... Right

driver: Final form rider... JacKnight

(Jacknight turns into a blade

dyna: hmm

Driver final attack rider...Jacknight

Dyna: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Dyna slices Kamen rider Glaive, Larc, and Lance)

Dyna : great job

(a portal opens)

dyna: this is my bus

(Jacknight nitices that Krystalfear is sucked into the portal as well)

JacKnight: KF... Make sure to help Kamen rider Dyna ok