sato- the evil monsters that try to dominate your taste buds... and with the destruction of kamen rider keki, it's alomst hopeless to resist! unless...

hiro takashi is a young man who knows nothing that his own father, who left him almost the second after h was born and his mom died from the impact, was kamen rider KeKi. but now, Hiro must face his worst nightmare: violence... and the sato... as he takes, as it's rightful heir, the KeKi belt.

KeKi forms:

Sande form: his default form. he wield a dagger.

Kyandi form: has a gun that shoots candy corn resembling bullets.

Aishingu form: with a launcher on his hand, he shoots instantly freezing once on opponent cement out of it, but it looks like icing.

Chocoretu form: has a spear with Sato-poison on the tip that's black and looks like chocalate.

SKAC form: sundae+candy+icing+chocalate.= SKAC form, KeKi's ultimate form.

the points: from every sato, KeKi wins a small chocalate bar. he picks it up and puts it into his belt. once he has enough, he moves to his next form.