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Madame Amy
Kamen Rider Gold Fourze
Gender: Female
Rider Type: Villain (formerly), Hero (currently)
Homeworld: Earth
Actor: Naoko Watanabe (Ultra Super Hero Taisen)
Eva Tavares (Minecraft Dimensions)

Return to Template:Characterinfo. Madame Amy is a anti-villain. She is a computer virus who is based on the data of the famous video game character, Amy Rose. She can become Kamen Rider Gold Fourze.



  • Gold Fourze Driver - Transformation device
  • Gold Astroswitches - Gold Fourze's small devices that allow him access to that Switch's Module when activated in the Driver



Madame Amy was voiced by Eva Tavares, when she voiced Blueberry Cake in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.