Metaloid The Animal Base With Sky Land And Sea Overlord. True Has No Megazord Beta Animal Themed. When The Kuwagataloid a Stag Beetle Themed Metaloid Animal Themed.

Tenbaloid Edit

Was a Pegasus-Themed Sky Type Metaloid Has No TenbaZord. The First Metaloid The Go-Buster Faced Master of Horse Monster Style Which Allow Him To Cut Through Any Material With His Forearms. Due To His Fighting Style Tenbaloid Tends To Calls an Enemy's Death. Tenbaloid is Sent To Retrieve The Animal Kingdom From. Before She Could Make it To The City. With McQueen Caught in The Crossfire. He Later Attacked The City. Was Destroyed By Red Blue And Yellow Buster Laser. Become a Grow Giant And Fight Megazord. Was Destroyed By Go-Buster Ace Car Mode Sword Attack.

  • Identification Number : P-16
  • Install Metavirus : PEGASUS
  • Animal Themed : Pegasus

Zouloid Edit

Was an Elephant-Themed Land Type Metaloid Has No ZouZord. Who Hust Got Promoted To The Rank of Metaloid After He Passed The Chamber of Trials. His Fighting Style Emulates The Elephant With Buffalo Head Raw Power To Deliver Destructive Charges To The Opponent. With His Powerful Thighs And Abilites-Charged Horns, Zouloid Can Easily Break Through Solid Walls. He Overpowered McQueen in Round One. but is Forced To Retreat as He Was not Used To Being as Well as The Technique And Speed-Specialized Mater And Carerra. After Enough Training Gyuuya Returned To Resume The Fight And Beats The Two Other Go-Bustee by Cheating, Only Be Beaten By The New Attacks McQueen Learned From Passing The Cleaning Training Put Him Through. And Destroyed By Red Blue Yellow Laser. Though he assumed to have Defeated Go-Buster Ace Zouloid is Destroyed Once He Unknowing Helped Go-Buster Ace Car Mode Sword Attack.

  • Identification Number : E-5
  • Install Metavirus : ELEPHANT
  • Animal Themed : Elephant

Waniloid Edit

Was a Crocodile-Themed Sea Type Metaloid Has No WaniZord. Waniloid is One of The Metaloid From Team Rakudaloid. He Uses His Huge Jaws To Eat Anything He Sees Even Buildings. He Returns To Eat The City After Rakudaloid Saves Him From The Dirt. Eventually He Comes To Rematch The Go-Buster And Then He Was Defeated By Red Blue Yellow Buster Laser. Turn a Grow Giant. Destroyed By Go-Buster Ace Car Mode Sword Attack.

  • Identification Number : A-1
  • Install Metavirus : CROCODILE
  • Animal Themed : Crocodile