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Minecraft Guardian Notch
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Neo
Gender: Male
Series: Minecraft Dimensions
Rider Type: Hero
Affiliation: Heroes of the Minecraft World
Homeworld: Overworld (Minecraft World)
First Appearance: Clash of the Two Champions Part 1
Last Appearance: Minecraft Dimensions: The Phantom Wars
Number of Episode
Movie (1)
Minecraft Dimensions (24)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ewan McGregor (Minecraft Dimensions and The Phantom Wars)
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Neo

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"I understand why that my brother, Herobrine and the Nether Army began the Minecraft Wars, you, Hyper Metal Sonic and Yu will head to the Pretty Cure and Aikatsu! World to defeat Ultra-Shocker. Are you sure about this, Cherry? (Cherry Crash: I'll do what you wish, Minecraft Guardian Notch.)"
―Minecraft Guardian Notch to Cherry Crash, in Minecraft Dimensions Episode 0.

Minecraft Guardian Notch is one the main protanagists in Minecraft Dimensions, and Herobrine's hated brother. He is leader of the Heroes of the Minecraft World. He was voiced by Ewan McGregor. He became Kamen Rider Cross-Z Neo.



Kamen Rider Cross-Z NeoEdit

"Wake Up Origin! Get Cross-Z Neo!"
―Kamen Rider Cross-Z Neo's transformation