Ose are Monsters that kill people and turn them into "Ose Prime". Ose also are atracted to certan things like fire or an angry mob. Ose change colors and shapes depending on weather.

Ose listEdit


Okka (ohk-kah) is the insect Ose he is attracted to competition like in sports or games. Okka also has a mature behavir, but that dosn't mean he dosn't love a good fight. Unlike the others Okka can grow a stinger from his arm so if he's holding you by your collar you know. Okka guids Kamen rider Deludo so he dosn't do something stupid, but he still is a bad guy. Okka has the ability to jump up to 70 ft.


Kso (kuh-sho) is the mammal Ose he is attracted to depression. Kso has no emotion at least he can't show it. Kso also makes sure that his Ose are not destroyed by changing the battlefeild. Kso can make himself invisible by making him look human by sending a quick shock to the mind.


Wik (whi-hk) is the fish Ose her is attracted to deaths as in when a person is killed or is being killed. Wik Laughs at anything except defeat. Jish also has a taste for humans failing. Wik has the ability to make humans faint by slowing down blood.


Saheko (sah-heh-koh) is the reptile Ose she is attracted to arguements between loved ones. Saheko never target Kamen rider Duco but she likes to trick him by creating illusions. And using her psychic ability to throw rocks at him.


Tuk (tooh-kuh) is the bird Ose he is attracted to silence like in libaries. Tuk is the wisest of all Ose but that dosn't mean he's as smart as einstien. Tuk can use his wind abilities to make people walk in thin air.

Ose Prime ListEdit

Cheetah OseEdit

Card: XLRA-shin

The Cheetah Ose was the first Ose to be defeated by Kamen rider Duco. This Ose was made by Kso because a human yelled at him.

Tiger OseEdit

Card: Fyn-L slas

The Tiger Ose was defeated by Kamen rider Duco by his Fyl-L Kik. the Ose was made by Kso too kill Jagaouji but failed.