It's Pierre! Idiot!
Kamen Rider Thouser
Gender: Male
Aliases: Stupid Pierre (sometimes)
Blue Guy
Peter (by Mario and Jonathann)
Partner (相棒 Aibou) (by Mario, Luigi, Thales and Pittacus)
Jonathan (his joke)
Freaking Blue Guy
Rider Type: Hero/Anti-Hero
Affiliation: New Blood Tribe (formerly)
Unified Heroes
The Pierre Army (currently)
Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

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Kamen rider thouser blue version by prasblacker ddpbii8

Pierre is one of the former main antagonists-turned-to-protagonist in Minecraft Dimensions: The Final Chapters. He was the first Kamen Rider Delta X, until he made his successor, Cherry Crash to become the second Kamen Rider Delta X. After Pierre came back, as he joined the Unified Heroes. Pierre developed the Pierre Army with Xavier, Orb the Hedgehog and Juggler the Hedgehog in Super Smash Strongest Battle: Special Edition.

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Super Smash Strongest Battle Edit

Minecraft Dimensions: The Final Chapters Edit

Trick Gohan Black Back Edit

Final Battle Against the New Blood Tribe Edit

Mario & Sonic with Equestria Girls: Journey Beyond New Earth Edit

The Mysterious Hooded Person Edit

Pierre Returned and His Research Lab Edit

The Pierre Army Fighting Against ZAIA Edit

Minecraft Dimensions: Into the Sonicverse Edit

Joined the Unified Heroes Edit

Mario & Sonic with Equestria Girls: Kamen Rider 00 Edit

Tricking Gai Amatsu and Stealing Raidriser Edit

Super Smash Strongest Battle: Special Edition Edit

The Pierre Army Development Edit

Mario & Sonic with Equestria Girls: Minecraft Dimensions Film Z feat. Team SMG4 Edit

Dinosaur Resurrections Edit

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Minecraft Dimensions: Into the Sonicverse animated shorts Edit

Arch-Illager's Story Edit

Pierre made a brief appearance in the short, as he annoys Ritla in her room.

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Devices Edit

  • Ziku-Driver -
  • Delta X Ridewatch -
  • Delta X Phone -
  • Raidriser - Transformation device as the various Raiders. Pierre has tricked Gai Amatsu and steal this to protect his allies.
  • Super Raidriser - Pierre has upgraded the Raidriser from the Raidriser clones.
  • Shotriser - Pierre has given A.I.M.S. Shotriser by Isamu Fuwa.
  • Slashriser - Pierre has stolen the ZAIA Slashriser from ZAIA Enterprise Japan and sprayed colors into this.
  • Pierre Collections
    • SuperJumping Mario Progrisekey
    • GhostVacuuming Luigi Progrisekey
    • GreenEgging Yoshi Progrisekey
    • KongaBeating Donkey Kong Progrisekey

Weapons Edit

  • Fenrir Keyblade - His former weapon then gave it to Copper Plume.
  • Attach Riflegun -

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  • Pierre has some similarities with Luigi.
  • Pierre's lazy emotions has some similarities with Mario (SMG4).

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  • Pierre - Kamen Rider Mario counterpart.
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